ArchitectureDesignInterior“It is just 4 walls and a roof, I don’t need an architect………”

January 28, 2020by admin0

……..This and many more are the common statements people make when it comes to contracting an architect to work on building projects and I wonder why. It seems to me that the importance of Architecture should be the most obvious thing in the world! I decided to carry out a research on architectural blogs to know why people are not catching on to the magic that we architects are. I mean I am sure that there are information that lay emphasis on the importance of Architecture.

Sighs! There is alright. It is not that there are no information out there, it is that there are no information to endear the layman. Instead there are lots of intrinsic technical terms that frankly would just leave the layman with the impression that they are better off without such complexity.

It is to solve these mysteries and complexities that JF-SEGHA blog was birthed. Cool right?

Searching for educative and exciting articles and pictures on Architecture? You really don’t believe you need an architect on your building projects? You need information that would ease decision making on your building projects? Strap on your seat belt, let’s go on a ride debunking these mysteries while I unlock the magicians that architects are. This blog is the right place to answer all these questions. We offer free tips, how to’s, Q/As and much more on Architecture.

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