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February 7, 2020by admin0

One thing that is universally assured, is that nobody wants to feel cheated off their hard earned money. I understand this is why people are skeptical to contract the services of an architect.

Contrary to the popular belief however, it is more cost effective to have an architect draw up a design and floor plan than to get a draftsman, an engineer or worse, draw up the design from one’s head.

Let’s use my dear Aunt Anne as a case study. Dear Aunt Anne wanted a 5 bedroom single detached bungalow but would not consider contracting an architect to draw up a floor plan and design, not even her niece(me). Instead, she put total fate in her construction engineer and her “experience in making a room work”. The result was the master’s bedroom in the living room, the kitchen barely bigger than a closet with no room for storage, a large open courtyard that was twice the size of a standard living room. To make it worse, there was no eaves to protect the walls from rain and there was no drainage to let out water. Just picture what the floor and wall of that courtyard would look like. Aunt Anne wanted an aesthetically pleasing house but did not know how to make it function to suit her purpose.

Needless to say, 5 years after the construction of the house, she had to tear the building down and contracted the services of an architect in order to get a perfect balance of aesthetics and function. At the end of the day, she spent twice the amount she would have spent if she had contracted an architect before commencing construction.

The duty of an architect does not stop at creating a design. It is an architect’s duty to create a design using the client’s brief, taking into cognizance the client’s needs, the building usage and the environmental impact as a result of the construction. The architect has to ensure that the design created is innovative and functional while being aesthetically pleasing to suit the needs of the client. The architect has to cooperate, liase and supervise the contractors to ensure that all works are carried out to standard, building codes, guidelines and regulations and that the construction is carried out strictly to the dictations of the design.

So you see, the duties and functions of an architect is beyond what you can imagine. We are essential and critical to the progress of a building project. Why don’t you change your mind about not contracting an architect on that building project you recently embarked on? Better still, contract JFSEGHA.


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