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Sometimes in March 2019,dozens of children were trapped, injured and killed in a collapsed building housing businesses and a school in Ita faaji, Lagos island. In September 2014, a six storey building suddenly collapsed killing 116 people in the process.

The question is, why do buildings collapse?

Asides from natural occurences such as flood, hurricane, earth quake, the most common cause for a building collapse is structural failure. Structural failures could be faulty construction, bad design, weak foundation, unexpected failure modes and a host of other combination causes.

A construction maybe faulty due to a contractor’s failure to build in accordance with the specification and drawings of the architect. Before commencing on the construction of a building, plans are drawn by architects to indicate what the building would look like at completion. Failure to adhere strictly with the plan may create problems that may eventually lead to the building collapsing later in future. Sometimes, failure to make proper account for the load the building will carry, inaccurate data, ignorance of the importance of repeated stresses on the building will collapse a building. The owner of a building may decide to increase the load on the building by adding more rooms to accommodate more occupants that is not originally in the structural or architectural design. Once the load of a building is in excess of what was originally planned, it exerts pressure which weakens the slabs and eventually collapses the building.

Nowadays, we have bricklayers posing as engineers on building sites. The problem with this is that they have no professional qualification and may not be able to read the structural design nor interpret correctly during construction. You don’t need a prophet to tell you that the building is in doom when this happens.

Contractors also tend to use substandard materials in order to circumvent extra cash for their own gain or they buy less of the materials needed for the construction of the building. This is why it is advisable to employ services of professionals to test and verify the authenticity of the materials and to ensure proper supervision of activities on site.




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